June 29, 2011

Finally...oh, and vacation

Oh my goodness...we are FINALLY done with the Lost series!  Free from the shackles!!! Maybe now I can get some blogging done instead of wondering what is happenin' on that stinkin' island...GEEZ!  The hubby and I have made a deal to never start watching another series like that again...ridiculous...Anywho..that does not mean there has been a lack of excitement around these parts.  LOTS of fun happenins!  Let's see..where to begin??

The hubby has been teachin' Ella Mae some dance moves....

Ella took this one

Looks just like her daddy..HA!!
I found these on the camera after the fact..so Ella Mae had actually taken the ones of her daddy...pretty good...don't ya think??  Her new moves will come in handy on the dance floor sooner than she thinks...

So we went on a little family vacation to the mountains...and it was there that Ella Mae decided it was time to potty train herself.  Crazy..I know..strange people..strange potties...you would not think that a good recipe for potty training, but hey? We'll take it!   She has been going in her "big girl panties" to daycare and wearing them at home. She even goes all by herself at home.  I was cooking and I heard the potty flush the other night and she yelled out of the bathroom "Can I have a popsicle now?"  We had to ween away from the popsicles cuz she would get them every hour on the hour at this point! 

Our trip to the mountains was absolutely perfect...fresh mountain air....COOL fresh mountain air..it is about 200 degrees in Texas right now, so it was quite the treat. The girls both did so amazing..partly cuz I still have such amazing friends there, and I think kiddos have a sense about those things and do well with good peeps...and thats what it was..a "good peep" fest.  Old faces from all over came for my great buddy DK's wedding.  And this is where those new dance moves came in handy for Ella...Tim was actually teaching her the "sprinkler" and the "lawnmower" right before and she was bustin' those out...Hilarious!

Plachta invsion on the dance floor

We also got to say goodbye to our wonderful big buddy Bogart.  We spread his ashes on top of Vail Mountain under a tree with a great view.........


       Ella was so sweet and kept saying on the way up that we were going to say bye-bye to Bogart in the sky.  And then she proceeded to "share" her candies with him (by jamming them into his ashes) once it was all said and done. She even bent down to give him a kiss....RIP big buddy...we sure do miss you!

Ella sharing her candy with the buddy

Ruby's "do" was quite crazy while in Colorado............

Every morning I would have to spend about 15 minutes trying to de-tangle it..super funny!  I think it was that dry mountain air............and speaking of our newest lil' lady..................She is sitting up all on her own!! WOOT! WOOT!  More on her progress and our vaca soon...right now this tired mama is gettin' some shut eye....life is good my friends!! Luv Luv Luv!!!!

How could it not be with these amazing faces to look at every day??

June 9, 2011

still Lost....

So my hubby and I are 99 episodes deep into the Lost series...only 21  more to go... I can't wait to break free from the "Lost shackles".. Anywho..I am blaming this for my lack of writing in the past week (again :))  Not that my pip-squeaks have not been doing amazingly cute and wonderful things..More on that!

We had a wonderful visit from Aunt Sara and Uncle Matt, and as soon as they got here they were tossed into the mix without warning...they got in at midnight, and the next morning with only a few minutes of instruction, the hubby and I are out the door to work and they are left alone with the nose-pickers.  These guys are old pros though...so it was easy for them to swoop in and work their magic.  There was lots of painting of the finger nails, hide and seek...and of course a friendly game of put-put golf.  These guys, like Tim's parents, are no-hassle wonderful peeps that love my girls, not to mention my hubby, to pieces and I just don't have a bad thing to say about that :) 

Ruber Doobs just had her six month check-up and is still kickin' butt and takin' names...she is up to almost 13 lbs!  We started feeding her some pureed foods and she goes after it like her mama does chocolate...see for yourself........

See the "crazy" in her eyes..she loves her some pears :)

Nothin' better than a sweet potato "fu man chu"


We also took Ruby to the lake and got her lil' chubby feet in the water this last weekend.  Ella Mae was swimming around in just her arm floaties for a while...2 1/2 and already establishing her independence....sniff sniff..I wish there was a way to hit a "pause" button. 

Snoozin' on the boat

The clan gettin' wet!

Look at that sweet baby belly!!
Life is all good over in these parts....here is an update on on new lil' four legged furry friend........

Biscuit is still trying to figure out what she is, but her and nanners have been attempting to play....it is pretty funny.  She jumps straight up on her hind legs like Superman taking off and then bats her front paws in the air, sometimes getting nanners face in the mix. Biscuit likes to just be near her, and as you can see in the pic has no concept of "personal space."  No doubt they will all soon be long time buds!  Have a good weekend peeps :)