July 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

So I am stealing "Wordless Wednesday" from another fellow Mommy blogger..there..I said it!  I have been so stinkin' busy I just haven't had the time or energy....BUT..I still have some wonderful faces to show off!

Ruby growing up to fast in grandmother's jewelry 

Biscuit and what the hubby calls "our new 1200 dollar kitty" hangin out

"The Rubster" livin la vida loca!

I mean really??  A match made in heaven...

Ella Mae sunscreenin' daddy up before a swim...great job Ella :)

Sister's first bath

It's all good in the hood down yonder!  Just had a huge shin' dig for the pip-squeak...more on that later!  luv and hugs to the homey's  :)

July 10, 2011

She's a He..

Well..there is never a lack of excitement around the Plachta household...or eye-rolling!  The latest chapter includes a broken leg...and lots of duckets.

So it was no secret to me that my hubby was not thrilled about bringing home a stray kitten..I think his exact words were "we need another pet like we need a hole in the head".  However, I like to think one of the reasons he loves me so much is the fact that I care...not only for our real babies...passionately, so much I think I drive him crazy sometimes...but also for our "furry" babies too.  So when I drove off to work and heard a noise after pulling out of the culde and saw Srgt Pepper in the rear view mirror...my heart sank.  She likes to hang out up underneath the car, and apparently she was still in there when I drove off.  I was so afraid to walk up to her for fear of what I would see.  But in true Pepper style (tough as nails) she was looking up at me as to say "WTF lady?"  She had something obviously wrong with her back leg or legs....so I rushed her to my hubby who imediately gave me an eye roll.  The ol' I told you so eye roll.  So....he takes her to the vet and it was confirmed that HE indeed had a broken leg that actually requires kitty surgery.  And yes...I did say HE...so the hubby officially has another male in the house!  The vet said we could possibly amputate and save a few bucks (kitty surgery ain't cheap)....but I would hate to think if someone had the choice to take one of my limbs to save some duckets, or save it...they would choose the latter of the two.  All money is is just dirty green paper..right?  She...I mean HE...is a Plachta after all...Till death do us part lil' kitty...your stuck with us, four legs and all!!  Surgery is scheduled for 7am manana....and I have been officially cut off in the pet department.

See why I couldn't say no to bringing her/him home??

Ella and Pepper playin in the "bushes"