March 19, 2013

Who I am...

Who is Ruby Doobs?  It has been said that people with Down syndrome are more alike than different.  This is a great statement for individuals who may not know much about having an extra 21st chromosome...because daughter eats, sleeps, grows, learns, cries, laughs, has opinions...very strong opinions...just like you or I. She walks and talks and is about the sweetest, most loving little human I have ever met.  But for those of us who really know someone with Down syndrome...I mean the lucky ones who really have had the opportunity to be around these individuals....I think we can all agree that there is something different about them. Something amazingly different...something that we would never want to change.  They are who they apologies, no second guessing. The energy...the infectious's like a bear hug that you continue to feel the rest of the day...they are all such raw, true and real emotions. So I like the fact that Ruby is "different"....I love it actually...we embrace it.  She makes it hard not if I had to come up with a few things that I think is a big part of Ruby...I think Ruby might say:

I am a painter....

I am a lover...

I am a social butterfly...

I am a daddy's girl...

I am a sister...

and she would definitely say that she  is Rockin it!!!!

and Ruby....Mommy would say that you are a teacher.  One that teaches me about how cool and precious life is everyday!

And most important are you.  The perfect lil' version of our sweet Ruby Doobs and I would not change a single chromosome or hair on your head.  I thank my lucky stars when I wake up and when I go to sleep at night that you have come into my world and opened my eyes to a brighter way of life!

Check out this video from the International Down Syndrome Coalition for World Down Syndrome Day!  They believe that all life is precious...just like we do :)

We are helping them spread the word by sharing their video "Who I Am"...

Happy World Down Syndrome Day Peeps!  Spread the love!


  1. Love reading your blog. Your little girls are so sweet and your writing is, too!

  2. Wonderful! Such wonderful moment and things to enjoy. The future is bright!

  3. Hi, I am Celine (french) living in the Netherlands.
    What a beautiful video.
    This is a real eyes opener, we should all learn, cherish, love and stay amazed.
    We all are a God's Miracle and a gift to others.
    This video deserve to be shared and shown to the world.

    Thank you


  4. I absolutely love this blog post! Your girls are beautiful!!! I've tried to comment from my phone and couldn't tell if it worked, so if you get more than one comment from me, I'm sorry ;) Please keep blogging, I love great stories from other families and that we can all be connected through them!!

    1. Thank you Tiffany! I love peaking into the lives of other families too! Thanks for reading :)