June 22, 2012

Busy lil' Bees..

Ok...so I don't think I have mentioned in my blog before about our lil' non-profit we started in the Doobs honor.  Basically, after her birth, I started looking into the future...her future...and I realized I want her to have the same opportunities to learn, make mistakes, grow,make more mistakes... learn and grow some more....just like the rest of us.  Some of us learn and grow more than others...and it is a continous process. My expectations for her are the same as my wild and crazy Ella Mae, and I will do my darndest to give Ruby every opportunity to reach maximum potential so she can do whatever she wants to do...

So I developed a passion early on not just for the cuter than cute almond-eyed sweet faces of the pip-squeaks... but for these inspiring, wonderfully capable adults rockin' that extra chromosome as well.  And from that sprouted Ruby's Rainbow....sprouted may not even be the right word at this point, because through the hard work and love of some incredible peeps(you know who you are..but Rue, Katie and Laila MUST be mentioned!!)...we have more of an explosion  goin' down!!  My good friends at Maudie's (if you live in Austin and you haven't eaten there..basically your crazy!) threw a lil' shin-dig that benifited Ruby's Rainbow...and by lil'...I mean a GINOURMAS golf tournament that raised enough duckets for FOUR SCHOLARSHIPS!  Which our goal at Ruby's Rainbow, BTW, is to grant scholarships to adults with Down syndrome for college or enrichment classes....to say I am completely blown away by the support we have gotten would be a HUGE understatement....but it just goes to show...Don't mess with the inspiration of the Doobs.  It is basically impossible to not be changed by her....

Here are some pics from the tourney

Team 'Have you seen my Balls?'....thanks Tim...HA!

Lots of this goin'on....

Me and my neighbor Hob' nobbin with the 'Big Wigs' on the course!

Gotta love me some 'Uncle Gary'...he still made it even after and almost lost a leg the night before...luv you Jerry :)

This beautiful man made this entire event possible...You ROCK Joe Draker!!!!

Not only is James rockin' an extra chromosome....he's rockin' the golf course!  Look at that swing!!!

Captain of the Culde Crew...REPRESENT!!

So.....as you can see we have been busy lil' bees down here in the lone star state...life is forever forging forward and we are just along for the ride...mine has been a pretty darn fun ride I must say...

Ella Mae has started a new ballet/tap class....she is pretty darn good.  We are going to get her in some gynastics classes soon though..cuz this girl has got some skills...and I am not just saying that cuz I'm her mama (well maybe a little..)

Gettin' on all her gear..

Doobs can't wait till she can start dance!!!!
Anywho...more later peeps...we have our own event Ruby's Rockin' RainBOWL...a bowling tourney at the end of July that has been keepin' me busy....busy lil' bees I tell ya!!