October 15, 2012

A Case of the Mondays...

Mondays I have "off" from my day job...but man, Mondays are my busiest day of the week.  Ruby usually has therapy in the morning, naps and has more therapy in the afternoon, and then Ella Mae has gymnastics at 4:30...by the time we all get home...we are pooped to say the least.  In between I try and manage the mounds of laundry that are sometimes taller than our four year old, keep our house somewhat clean...and squeeze in some play-dates.   Today we had a play-date planned with some of Ruby's buddies.  I always look forward to these because hangin' with other mommies who have the "inside scoop" is always fun and inspiring.  Hangin' with any mom is inspiring no matter how many chromosomes their kiddos have, but there is a comfort in chatting with other moms on the same journey. We exchange ideas on ways to motivate our kiddos, boast about the latest new "thing" our pipsqueak is doing...just like any other play-date  It is a safe place to talk honestly about your ups and downs, your fears, the challenges...and of course the pure joy we have in our hearts for our little ones....

Ruby kissed Pearl earlier and I am not sure she liked it...

She got over it pretty quick though :)
It is so cool to see what all Doobs buddies are up to also...sharing the joy in all the little milestones we might have taken for granted with our older kiddos.  Spreading our peacock feathers for a bit and letting the "tribe"  (as Pearly's mom calls it) convene to chat, play, share a tub of strawberries, hug and smooch (if Doobs has anything to say about it)...whatever pipsqueaks do.

Ella Mae's new pal...and yes,she will be Spidey girl for Halloween this year...

Doobs coming in for a smooch..
It's kinda hard to have a "case if the Monday's" with a tribe like this!!

Hope you have  a rockin' week peeps!!


  1. I'm still bummed we missed...I cannot believe I did that! We are totally in next time. Cute pics with the tribe!

  2. Yeah, cute pics! Totally agree with you on the fun & importance of talking with the mamas. Thanks again for today! Woo-hoo!