November 24, 2011

Gobble Gobble!!

Today is Turkey day and I have feel the need to give some shout outs to things I am most thankful for.  I realize I still need to get to Octoberfest part dueax but will chat about Ella Mae's B-day soon...

This year has been a very eye and heart opening year....although I never considered myself a person with a closed heart, I have to say that I am thankful for the "Doobers" extra 21st chromosome.  It has helped me see the world and the people in it with an even broader scope.  Not that her extra chromosome defines who she is, she is an individual AMAZING individual first...but it lets other people know and see just how special she is. You can't look into these eyes and not see that she is going to change the world for the better..

It is ri-DONK-culous!!  I thank my lucky stars everyday for both my sweet girls.....

Not just because it is Turkey Day!  Luv to the peeps!! And Happy Thanksgiving! Check out the wonderfullness in all our rockin' chromosomes :)

Oh yeah..the hubby is pretty cool too....I have to say I am thankful for my Sweet lil' family  :)


                                                         GOBBLE! GOBBLE YA'LL!!

November 13, 2011


GEEZ!!  October is was a busy month even before Doobers came our throwing the Buddy Walk into the mix....WHEWW!! Glad it has started to die down a bit before the holiday season starts!

Where to begin.....let's start with this


The Ruby Racers had over 50 walkers (the second largest team) much love and support for the Doobs!!  Aunt Terri (AKA Aunt TT) experimented with her new silk-screening doo-hicky and made us some shirts..                

Turned out pretty darn good for a first go around..Thanks Aunt TT!!      It was so wonderful to be surrounded by all these amazing peeps like my Ruby Doobs...not to mention surrounded by my amazing friends and family who give us so much strengh, love and encouragement...Doobs is one lucky lady and I know she gives back the love ten fold :)

"huggin it out' with G-pa

Luvin on her second family...Uncle P Aunt Lisa and Scarlett

Huggin it out again with Tatum

Enjoying a tasty beverage with G-ma
We also raised the 3rd most amount of duckets as a team...RAISE THE ROOF!!  Not bad fresh out the gates...if I do say so myself :)  Couldn't a done it w/out my peeps!!

G-ma and G-pa drove down from Michigan for Octoberfest 2011...we love havin' us some G-ma and G-pa!! I have to say I think they were equally impressed with our lil' lady...Both my ladies are pretty infectious....Octoberfest part two up next...but for now..sleep....