October 14, 2014

Not just because is it Down Syndrome Awareness Month...

 So it is Down Syndrome Awareness month...I feel like in the first few years after Ruby's birth I was way more active with my posts and words and pics and things, but I assure you it is not because there is lack of awesomeness, cuteness, triumphs and even struggles going on over this way.  Part of it is that I have tried to make a conscious effort to soak up every moment by just being present, spending time and not just writing about it.  And while I certainly want the world to know just how amazing and capable this lil' lady is, I have realized that she does a lot of that on her own...just by being Doobs.  She changes perceptions and raises expectations of those "rockin' it"....just by her determination to accomplish any task thrown her way.  Sure, it may take her a little longer than some of her peers...but she nails it every time.  I feel like my expectations are set extremely high for her....and she blows me away constantly!

Not only is she an extremely hard worker (working ten times as hard to achieve things that comes naturally to most)...she has a giggle that will melt your heart.  Thankfully she does a lot of giggling so we get our hearts melted frequently.  There is something so sweet and pure about her lil spirit that is absolutely undeniable. She will be the first to come love on you if you are sad or to high five you if you did something great (or even not so great!).

Not sure if you can tell...but this girl loves her some glasses....

The first time I held her in my arms I knew she was gonna rock our world.  I knew she was going to be ALOT to ALOT of people.  She already had that spunk and energy that just made me want to be a better person...made me want to try a little harder at whatever I was doing.  I was nervous about not being able to be the mom she needed me to be...but it was her that gave me the strength and confidence to rise above my fears and give whatever I had in my heart.

  And you know what I have learned?  That that is enough.  I have struggled trying to be sure she is getting all the right opportunities...struggled with the fear that we aren't doing enough.  Did I do flashcards with her today?  Did I work on her letter sounds today?  Did I work on her speech homework today?   Maybe not.  But did I spend the afternoon being present, trying to be the best mom I know how to be?  Does she know she is loved?  Is she fully included in all aspects of our lives?  Abso-feakin'-lutely!   With each year and with each milestone I get a little more relaxed and confident that this lil' lady has it all figured out. I will always strive to give her the best and greatest opportunities we can as a family...but I will also love and enjoy her in the moment. Enjoy her giggles and her sense of humor when she puts on funny glasses. Enjoy her unsolicited hugs and Eskimo kisses.  Enjoy just sitting on the floor playing farmhouse and not making a therapy session out of it.  We get wrapped up as moms trying to keep up with what "everyone else" is doing that I think sometimes we may lose sight of what is important to your own family. And these are the moments important to our family....

Seriously...she loves glasses!
Anywho...this girl has not only stolen our hearts but opened it up in a way that is in-describable.  We love you lil' Ruber Doobs and simply cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve!!

       Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month ya'll!!!!!

This girl sure is rockin' this lil' life she was given!!!

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