September 15, 2014

School and stuff...

So school started and DANG!  Why does it have to start so early?  Getting the girls up in the morning so vividly takes me back to my teenage years with my mom coming in singing like Julie freakin' Andrews...swinging the drapes open to bring in the sunshine to which I would bury my head under as many layers of blankets and pillows as possible while saying (or groaning is more like it) "go away".  My kids aren't even teenagers yet and they already do some version of this in the morning.  Of course I don't sound like Julie freakin' Andrews maybe I should work on that a little.

Anywho...ELLA MAE STARTED FREAKIN' KINDERGARTEN!!!  And boy is this lil' lady lovin' it!  Several people have asked me..."did ya cry?"..or "how is mommy handling it??" With all the inquiries I almost felt like a bad mommy cuz their were no tears shed on either end and I think it is pretty kick-butt that she started kindergarten.  Now...maybe had she had a death grip on my leg and streaming tears this mama would have followed suit...but she marched right on in there and sat right down and there was no turning back!  Here they are right before heading out for the first they look nervous to you?!?

This girl is ready to go!!

Doobs would sleep in her backpack if she could I think..

Sister hugs...

So NO, I did not cry or feel nervous or any of the above...I felt excitement for my daughters new journey. I felt proud of her strength, confidence and courage, proud of her sweet, kind heart as she sat down and starting talking to a new friend at her table.  She has gotten a "green" smiley face everyday since school started from Mrs. Sharp (except the one special day when she was line leader and making an excellent example for everyone and she got the coveted "purple" smiley face :))  No doubt in my mind this girl is going places...going wherever she wants to go...

Mrs. Sharp

AND this one made herself right at home..

silly girl...

Such a BIG girl!!!

Since Ruby had been in the PPCD program at the elementary school last year this was 'old hat' to her. She felt very comfy in her old stompin' grounds...although, because of the amazing team of caring and loving teachers at their school, I requested her to spend some time in the pre-k class...and they agreed!  She is a year younger then most of the 18 other kiddos in the class, but it is a great fit for her.  I am so grateful for her teachers and the learning environment they have created for her.  I get positive reports daily and have seen a huge jump in language and confidence.  We started learning some sight words and she is also doing really well with that too.  It is mostly family members names at this point...although fish is one that she has down pat.  Hmm...could it have anything to do with those little orange, salty crackers she stuffs her face with daily?  I wonder.  Anywho...super proud of this one too.  And it is another one of those moments when I can take a big, deep breath....and relax.  Relax into life...our life.  Relax and know that Ruby will get there when she gets there...and will bring so much joy and so many smiles to others along the way.  I can you not smile when she comes around the corner lookin' like this...

At least she has panties on...right?

She is ready for school!!

So much more to talk about but remember...I have to get up at the crack of dawn and sound like Julie freakin' Andrews!!!!

Rock on peeps!!!

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