September 14, 2014


So one of Ella Mae's favorite things these days is to dance.  Specifically to the Michael Jackson Thriller album. In the dark. With the candles lit. Oh, and in her tights, leotard and hot pink leg warmers.  She calls it "Spooky Night". And girlfriend actually has some dance moves (like her looks, she didn't get that from me either :)).  She has to go around the entire house and make sure all the lights are off, every curtain drawn so not a single ray of light is coming in...and then crank the jams. And you know Doobs gets in on the jams.  She is usually naked cuz that's how she rolls around the house these it is quite the scene as you can imagine.  I would take some photos...but it is dark..and Doobs is usually naked, shakin' her "booty" all over the place.  I write these things down because I don't want to someday forget...forget the simple joys of life (yes I mean Thriller) and just how simple utter happiness can be.  How free the girls make me feel when they are running around without a care in the world...shakin' their "booties" to some amazing jams.  These simple little joys are what life is all about and I hope my girls always keep a bit of that innocence and that free spirit...even when they are 'grown ups' and have crazy stressful lives.  I hope when they hear 'good jams' that they can be immediately transported into a space in time that makes them feel like they are in leg warmers listening to MJ, shakin' their booties with the lights off, not a care in the world. We all deserve a little bit of that in our lives...Am I right??

So KINDER-FREAKIN GARTEN has started but I am obviously a little behind on all of this.  I will write about that soon but here are the haircuts leading up their first days of freedom..

Ella Mae marched right into the salon with no problems or worries about the hair choppin...and she got quite a bit chopped off.  She went from 'surfer girl' to 'cutey patooty' in a matter of minutes.  The little one was a bit skeptical at first, but eventually let us transform her into 'I have NEVER had a professional haircut' to 'look how clean cut I look!!'

Honestly, I know it is good for their overall hair health...but the surfer look was definitely working for them both.  I LOVE how they look now though and am so excited to head into the new year (no pun intended :))   I love seeing how each of them blossom and grow with each new turn of life and CANNOT wait to see what the future has in store for these two!  Stay tuned!!

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